Western Red Cedar Benefits

Western Red Cedar Benefits

More than just good looks

Western Red Cedar is one of the world’s most unique softwood species, renowned for its natural beauty and durability. Our range of innovative profiles offers unbeatable style, streamlined simplicity and incredible functionality.

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  • Group Rating

    Group Rating

    For commercial interiors, Western Red Cedar achieves a Product Group Number Classification of 3.

    Western Red Cedar is suitable for commercial interiors, especially when coupled with added protection from sprinklers. Externally, other materials can be utilised to achieve Bushfire Attack Level of 12.5, enabling the use of WRC above the area of concern.

  • Acoustic properties

    Acoustic properties

    Cedar Sales offers a range of ceiling and wall designs that are engineer-approved to meet various acoustic ratings. Western Red Cedar’s open cellular structure helps to absorb and dissipate sound energy, making it effective in confining noise.

    In external applications, Western Red Cedar’s sound deflection capabilities can be improved by adding a metal resilient rail. The use of thicker cladding profiles is also recommended.

    For specialist uses, such as music rooms and auditoriums, we offer innovative panelling systems with enhanced sound deflection properties.

  • Unrivalled sustainability

    Unrivalled sustainability

    Western Red Cedar has long been acknowledged as the ultimate sustainable building product. At Cedar Sales, we are committed to delivering on sustainability. This commitment is reflected in our approach to product sourcing. We only purchase legally-harvested timber, with PEFC™ Certification. We source timber from newly-planted forests that provide additional carbon sinks and new animal habitats, as well as drawing on old growth for its superior durability.

  • Thermal protection

    Thermal protection

    When it comes to thermal insulation, Western Red Cedar is both practical and eco-friendly. Its low density makes it the best insulator of any available softwood, also outperforming brick, concrete and steel. When used as exterior cladding, Western Red Cedar keeps buildings cooler in summer,
    while cutting heating costs in winter. This results in reduced energy usage and contributes towards a higher Green Star building rating.

    Western Red Cedar’s thermal properties include:

    A thermal conductivity factor K of 0.74 BTU in / ft2 h F.

    An R-value of 1.35 per 25mm of thickness.

  • Structure & performance

    Structure & performance

    Western Red Cedar offers outstanding dimensional stability. With an Australian Durability Rating of 2, Western Red Cedar offers twice the stability of most commonly available conifers. Western Red Cedar is resistant to cupping, warping and shrinking, even when milled into intricate profiles. This highly-practical species offers exceptional durability, even without the use of coating. The naturally-occurring preservatives present in Western Red Cedar provide in-built resistance to termites, moisture and decay.