Timber Mythbusters

Timber Mythbusters

The truth about timber

Here you will find answers to some of the most common misconceptions and questions about working with timber.

Myth #1: Timber is too hard to maintain

Fact: All external timbers need some maintenance especially if you like to maintain the natural colours. However the regularity can be reduced by using a high quality preserving oil that includes some stain with UV protection.

Myth #2: Timber is too expensive

Fact: Cedar Sales has a very broad range of timbers and profiles to suit different budgets and styles. For example, Western Red Cedar comes in clear grade, eco grade (around 80% clear) and knotty grade (for added texture at a lower price).

Myth #3: Installing timber walls and ceilings will be too difficult

Fact: Installing timber walls and ceilings is well within the capabilities of a home handyman. Cedar Sales now offers 'How to' instructions to ensure installation is an easy to follow step by step process.

Myth #4: External timber will go grey

Fact: Letting external timber fade to grey provides a beautiful weathered look. But you can also retain the original colour easily with regular oiling using tinted oil for UV protection.

Myth #5: Termites and spiders will be a problem

Fact: Western Red Cedar has a natural pesticide in the tannins which resists termites and the raw product also resists spiders and cobwebs. Check with your local pest controller first if you're unsure or may be in a high-risk termite area.

Myth #6: Timber is prone to shrinkage and cupping

Fact: Penetrating oils help to minimise any shrinkage or cupping. Order pre-oiled timber, or do it yourself, inside and out.

Myth #7: Imported timber isn't sustainable

Fact: Western Red Cedar is a highly sustainable timber. GreenTag has found that transportation and energy usage are relatively insignificant, and has awarded Cedar Sales the Platinum rating for Life Cycle Assessment; the first building supplier in Australia to achieve this rating.

Myth #8: I can't use timber unless I have a whole room or entire wall

Fact: You can easily use timber as a feature internally or externally. Create small feature areas, timber screening panels, add timber around columns, or create a single wall that flows into a timber ceiling.

Myth #9: Timber won't be a worthwhile addition to my home

Fact: Timber is highly desired and valued, both for new homes and renovated properties. Cedar Sales aims to provide you with products that add character, vogue and value. 

Myth #10: Timber will get damaged or deteriorate on my building site

Fact: All prefinished timber from Cedar Sales comes in bundles, wrapped in shrunk plastic to minimise damage.

Myth #11: Using glue to install timber won't be as good as nails

Fact: Modern adhesives offer many benefits over nails. Adhesives have superior strength to traditional nail fixings, and will help with dimensional stability.

Myth #12: Fire ratings prevent me from using timber

Fact: You will need to comply with fire and building regulations. For residential use, if your rating is 12.5, you can use timber on any area that is 600mm or higher from the ground or deck. For commercial use, Hemlock is in Group 2 Building Code, while Western Cedar Red is in Group 3 Building Code – you'll need to check its use with the relevant building code or authority.