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Oregon Benefits & Products

Oregon Benefits & Products

Oregon from Cedar Sales

Oregon (or Douglas Fir) is a timber species that grows alongside Western Red Cedar on the mountains and coasts of Canada. Oregon is an exceptionally strong timber that is ideal for structural use. Cedar Sales have Oregon stocks available.

Durability and strength

Oregon is durable and features a strong grain when cross cut. The narrow sapwood offers timber which is light in colour, while the wider, more durable heartwood ranges from yellowish to reddish brown. The timber dries evenly and remains straight, with little or no distortion. It is naturally resistant to decay, which makes it ideal for structural components. Oregon is highly regarded by builders and engineers. Its strength and stability makes it ideal for structural components and heavy timber uses.


Ideal uses for Oregon

Cedar Sales have Orgeon / Douglas Fir stocks available. Oregon has exceptional longitudinal strength and stability, which make it ideal for boat construction as well as internal posts, beams, joinery and flooring. Oregon’s strength and strong acceptance of glue make it the obvious choice for glue laminated beams for large structures, including public pools, halls, churches and supermarkets. Oregon can also be used to manufacture window and door frames, mouldings, cabinets and joinery.

Working with Oregon

Oregon’s ability to hold screws and nails is strong. It can also be glued. Oregon can be painted or stained, however it is not as accepting of these substances as other timbers. It is recommended to use power tools when working with Oregon.