How to Guide – Internal Panelling

How to Guide – Internal Panelling

Internal Panelling Installation – How-to Guide

This guide outlines basic measures that must be taken to ensure a successful installation of Western Red Cedar on internal walls.

Your goal

For your internal installation of Western Red Cedar, your aim should be:

  • A beautiful feature you can create yourself or have professionally installed.
  • Adding value and character to your home or commercial space.

Tools & supplies

You’ll need the following to complete this project:

  • Glue and glue gun.
  • Drop saw with fine, sharp blade for accurate cutting without chipping.
  • Second fix nail gun.
  • Pin nails that will penetrate the framing timber at least 17mm.
  • Construction adhesive.
  • Scaffolding may be necessary.

Figure 1: Typical ceiling installation method showing:

  • Glue
  • Pin nail (to be covered by next board)
  • Two different sizes of trim
    (DAR 18 x 18mm or DAR 31 x 18mm). You choose!

Figure 2: Butt joins on wall or ceiling can be placed away from battens if properly supported from behind.


Figure 3: Panelling installation using metal track system and face fix: face screw directly using a coloured head screw (see Figure 4).


Figure 4: Panelling installation using metal track system / timber batten / secret nail and glue.