Hemlock Benefits

Hemlock Benefits

Here’s to Hemlock

Cedar Sales offers a range of innovative profiles in Hemlock for out-of-weather
applications. There are so many reasons to choose Hemlock.

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  • Smooth surface

    Smooth surface

    Hemlock has a smooth texture and straight, fine-lined grain. Naturally light blonde in colour, Hemlock’s uniform surface offers a consistent finish. The fine grain texture can also be sanded to a silky, reflective surface, creating a light and welcoming ambience.

  • Easy to work with

    Easy to work with

    Hemlock offers outstanding physical properties. It’s practical, grows harder with age and possesses great wear resistance. Hemlock is strong. Instances of warping and twisting are low. Hemlock responds well to planing and moulding and can be both screwed or nailed.

  • Ideal for coating

    Ideal for coating

    Hemlock has a smooth texture and straight, fine-lined grain, making it the ideal substrate for coating and staining. Achieving the perfect finish is easy with Hemlock. The straight grain and even surface texture are complemented by non-resinous and non-tainting surface properties when dried.

  • Sustainable qualities

    Sustainable qualities

    Cedar Sales are leaders in sustainability. As such, our complete range of Hemlock has certified sustainable properties. Choose Cedar Sales Hemlock for improved Green Star rating with PEFC™ and GreenTagCertTM Certification.

  • Affordable quality

    Affordable quality

    Hemlock is more affordable than most premium timber species. Innovation, style and quality are hallmarks of the Cedar Sales brand. Our stunning range of Hemlock profiles offers all of these properties plus outstanding value for money.