External wall coatings and finishes

External wall coatings and finishes

The perfect finish

With the evolution of the building and construction industry, Cedar Sales identified the need for pre‑finished products and off-site coating services to achieve the perfect look with added ease, efficiencies and on-site cost savings. Cedar Sales uses industrial coating machines to produce outstanding and consistent results that are difficult to replicate by using conventional on-site application methods.

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Out-of-weather use – out of direct sunlight and rain


Enhance the inherent depth of character and colour of Western Red Cedar with a satin finish.

  • A premium professional, commercial grade finish.
  • Environmentally friendly with no VOCs  (volatile organic compounds).
  • UV resistant.
  • Clear Satin and Pecan Satin available.


  • Maintenance-free finish.
  • Internal and out-of-weather applications.
  • Hemlock has an even texture, giving a consistent finish.
  • Consistent colouring.

Satin washes

  • The combination of striking colours and satin washes on Hemlock are a designer’s dream come true.

Matte washes

  • In-vogue colours and matte washes on Hemlock to help you reflect the sun, surf and beach.

External use – timber used outside needs easy maintenance


Many architects use Western Red Cedar exclusively for painted applications because it stays flat and straight like no other, giving a perfect, consistent finish.

Cedar Sales offers a pre-priming service for external cladding, providing a high quality, external grade undercoat before it’s delivered to site for installation and painting.

  • Achieves clean, sharp lines and a long-lasting professional look.
  • Using Western Red Cedar for painted applications avoids minimises warping or twisting, and pulling of nails.


Cutek® is a proven penetrating oil, with Colortone additives, for external timber products.

  • Cedar Sales offers a two-coat process applied at the plant using Cutek® Clear. It is recommended that a pigmented coating is applied on-site for additional protection after installation.
  • Easy to apply without the need to sand.
  • Doesn’t peel or crack.
  • Works by penetration rather than by forming a film.
  • Provides long-term weather protection, stabilises timber and repels moisture.