Plantation Homes Carmelle Vogue Q1

About this project

Characterised by sleek finishes, Plantation Homes Carmelle Vogue Q1 display home offers a grand residence for the modern family. Designed to take advantage of natural light, the home features large living areas, private retreats and alfresco dining. This effortlessly stylish home required the quality and superior style that only Western Red Cedar can bring.
  • Project details

    Location: Ormeau Ridge, Queensland

    Designer: Plantation Homes

    Builder: Plantation Homes

    Cedar Sales products used:
  • The genuine solution

    The large ceiling required a seamless look and the superior dimensional stability of Western Red Cedar. The Castelation® Stepped Expression flat series, with no grooves and a continuous flat look showed off the unique Western Red Cedar grain perfectly. A dark stain added by the client after installation completed this classy statement.