Spa & Hot Tub

Spa & Hot Tub

Suitable for saunas, spas and hot tubs

Western Red Cedar is a popular choice for saunas, spas and hot tubs. It’s easy to see why, given the outstanding practical benefits. Providing a naturally-calming aroma, which is ideal for relaxing spa environments, Wester Red Cedar is naturally water resistant, doesn’t warp in steam, is stable even in extreme conditions, and doesn’t get too hot, remaining safe to touch.

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Cedar Sales offers a wide range of Skirtings & Architraves to suit any design.
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Feature & Benefits:

  • Saunas – Western Red Cedar is ideal for indoor or outdoor saunas. It’s easy to work with during construction and is naturally-resistant to rot and moisture. Cedar’s beautiful but subtle aroma is released by steam – further enhancing its appeal.
  • Spas – Western Red Cedar is ideal for the sides and tops of spas because of its excellent resistance to water and chemical damage. Cedar Sales offers a wide range of panelling profiles to suit spas. Many spa manufacturers favour our traditional profile because it works so easily around the curves of a spa’s radius. If you are replacing panels on an existing spa, we can supply profiles that replicate most original panels.
  • Hot Tubs – Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice for hot tubs. The timber swells slightly when damp, so the tub stays completely watertight. Cedar’s ability to withstand all weather conditions means it is particularly suited to outdoor hot tubs.


This product is ideal for:

  • Saunas
  • Spas
  • Hot Tubs
  • Panel replacements