Craftmanship & Custom Solutions

Craftmanship & Custom Solutions

Your design innovation partners

At Cedar Sales, we can make your design dreams come true. With our precision moulding and matching, we have in-house capabilities to match any existing profile. We can also provide custom manufacturing and design consultation to create exciting new products for volume orders. This is backed by our multi-functional coating plant for pre primed, satin and colour finishes, meaning you can customise our standard offering to your exact requirements.

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Product customisation options

Below is a list detailing the range of premium order options and services that we offer. Remember, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for,that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Be sure to talk to a Cedar Sales representative about your custom project requirements and ideas today.


Premium professional finish option, for out-of-weather paneling and screening applications. This is an environmentally friendly, no VOC, UV, commercial grade satin finish. Save on man hours as well as scaffold and access equipment hire costs with this pre-finished option. Cedar Sales pre-finished paneling uses industrial coating machines to produce outstanding and consistent results that are difficult to replicate, using conventional on-site application methods. The backs and lineal edges of the profiles are sealed as well to increase stability and presentation.

Hemlock (Internal applications only)

Hemlock is a timber species that grows alongside Western Red Cedar on the mountains and coasts of Canada. Hemlock is light brown/blonde in colour, with a smooth texture and relatively straight, fine-lined grain. Hemlock is ideal for staining and is highly recommended for internal panelling and joinery applications. It has a medium durability level, which means it shouldn’t be exposed directly to the elements in Australia’s tropical climate, without preservative treatment.


External grade undercoat, for application before external paint finishes. Western Red Cedar has outstanding natural properties that make it ideal for external paint finishes. This is a great option to achieve clean, sharp lines and a long lasting professional look.

Cutek© colourtones

Cutek® stabilising oils are available in a wide range of colourtones, and are complemented by Cutek®Proclean – a professional cleaning and restoration product.

Available colours:

  • Autumntone
  • Cedartone
  • Cypress
  • Rustic Gold
  • Black Ash
  • Chestnut
  • Goldtone
  • Sela Brown
  • Browntone
  • Clear
  • Greenstone
  • Walnut
  • Burnt Red
  • Cornish Gold
  • New Bronzetone
Cutek© pre-oiled (penetrating external oil)

Cutek® is a proven penetrating oil, with colour tone additives, for external timber products. Cedar Sales offers a two-coat process applied at the plant using Cutek® Clear. It is recommended that a pigmented coating is applied on-site for additional protection after installation.

  • Easy to apply without the need to sand.
  • Doesn’t peel or crack.
  • Works by penetration rather than by forming a film.
  • Provides long-term weather protection, stabilises timber and repels moisture.
Washes (Hemlock only)
  • Maintenance-free finish.
  • Internal and out-of-weather applications.
  • Hemlock has even texture, giving a consistent finish.
  • Consistent colouring.
  • Satin washes available – striking colours.
  • Matte washes available – in-vogue, beach-themed colours in a stylish matte finish.
Bandsawn Face finish

Bandsawn Face offers a more rustic look and feel, than Dressed Face finishes. Bandsawn Face gives the surface of cladding greater resilience to harsh weather conditions. It also offers greater bonding properties and is more susceptible to impregnation of the grain when coatings are applied, giving greater long term protection. Bandsawn Face is only ever applied to the raised flat face of the profile. All channels and rebates will always be dressed.

Tight-knot grade

Tight Knot is a recognised grade of Western Red Cedar out of the Canadian Mills. It is used to describe cedar planks that contain knots, which aren’t loose or disintegrating. Generally, this effect is present in younger plantation trees where the knots are tight and interwoven in the grain. There can be a lot of knots in any one length of profile but they generally aren’t very large. At Cedar Sales, we offer Tight Knot as an option for most of our cladding range, which is a much more economical alternative where costings are an issue, and offers a natural authenticity that is difficult to deliver any other way.


*Not all options are applicable to all products (e.g. some options are suitable for internal / external use only). Please consult with your Cedar Sales representative for further details and advice. Additional costings, minimum orders and lead times may apply.