Work with the leader in sustainable cladding

Work with the leader in sustainable cladding

Cedar Sales is committed to sustainability. Designers and builders can specify our Western Red Cedar and Hemlock products with confidence.

Why choose Cedar Sales?

Cedar Sales offers stunning architectural timber innovations for eco-friendly cladding in Western Red Cedar. Our unique range makes it easy to be responsible, while also adding genuine efficiency and stunning style to any project. Our entire range has PEFC™ Certification.

Western Red Cedar is widely recognised as the ultimate sustainable timber cladding building product. It produces fewer greenhouse gases, generates less water and air pollution, requires less energy to produce than alternatives and comes from a renewable and sustainable resource.

Did you know?

There are three Western Red Cedar trees planted to every one tree harvested. This means there are more Western Red Cedar forests in Canada today than there were 100 years ago.


PEFC™ is the world’s largest forest certification system identifying products from sustainably managed forests and promoting the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.