Timber Cladding

Enhance either the interior or exterior appeal of your home with timber cladding in Western Red Cedar. Timber cladding products on interior walls adds a style and warmth that can transform a room. The aesthetic benefits of Western Red Cedar are just the beginning. The unique acoustic properties of Western Red Cedar make internal timber wall cladding ideal for media rooms. Western Red Cedar also has fantastic thermal properties. It outperforms brick, concrete and steel, protecting buildings and houses from the extremes of heat and cold – a great way to reduce energy costs.

Style v Practicality

Often, designers and homeowners have to make a choice between style and practicality – but not with Western Red Cedar and especially not with Cedar Sales. Our range of timber cladding products is vast and includes so many unique choices—from modern to traditional—that will add distinct character and style to any building exterior. Our Western Red Cedar solutions provide:

  • Stylish thermal protection
  • Acoustic buffering
  • Long-lasting durable results
  • And are extremely environmentally friendly

Green Timber Cladding

All our raw Western Red Cedar products are GreenTagCertTM GreenRate Level A Certified. We have also attained GreenTagCerTM Certified Platinum Ratings for the majority of our products too. Click here to see this full list.

To find out more about the benefits of using Cedar Sales Western Red Cedar for timber external cladding as well as interior, in both commercial and residential applications, contact us today.

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