Timber Ceiling

A timber ceiling can be a fantastic way to add an extra design flair to your property. With the wide range of styles and finishes available, property owners have the ability to create something that will blend in with existing décor, or create a feature that will stand out. Panelling can be installed on internal or out-of-weather external walls or ceilings to greatly enhance the area.

The Perfect Wooden Ceiling Designs

A wooden ceiling can be created using a wide range of Cedar Sales’ panelling products. Wood is widely recognised as bringing warmth to an interior. However, it does not have to be used in a rustic, classic style. The versatility of Western Red Cedar means that you can have that classic, rustic look, or you can have an ultra-modern wooden ceiling that elevates the design of your whole interior. This is achieved through adjusting the finish and the style of the timber ceiling that is installed. This means that no matter the design of your property, there is a timber ceiling solution that will fit seamlessly into existing structures.

Create your Ideal Environment

In addition to looking fantastic, a wooden ceiling also has a range of functional benefits. A wooden ceiling has the ability to manipulate sound as needed (dampening and amplifying) and also allows for fittings to be installed in an easy, attractive and unobtrusive manner. This is achieved by having a suspended wooden ceiling that sits below the structural support.

Cedar Sales’ timber ceiling products are also easy to install. Simply use your existing framework and glue and secret nail the panelling onto the surface, and it’s done! The panels are designed to give a smooth and seamless finish to ensure there are no ugly joins showing.

Like all of Cedar Sale’s Western Red Cedar products, your chosen wooden ceiling will have attained some of the highest environmental recognition available in Australia. If a timber ceiling sounds like the design enhancing product you’re looking for, contact Cedar Sales today.

Wooden Ceilings not exactly what you're after?

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