Manufacturing Components for Industry

We supply Western Red Cedar products that are purpose-designed for specific industries, including:

  • spas and saunas
  • boat building
  • shutters and blinds.

A resilient and strong timber, Western Red Cedar is ideally suited to these uses because of its:

  •  straight grain, uniform lines and inherent stability
  • natural resistance to water
  • ability to remain stable in extreme conditions.

Saunas, spas and hot tubs

It’s no surprise that Western Red Cedar is such a popular and perfect choice for saunas, spas and hot tubs. As well as its calming look and smell, Western Red Cedar is naturally water resistant, doesn’t warp in steam, is stable in extreme conditions, and doesn’t get too hot to touch.


Western Red Cedar is ideal for indoor or outdoor saunas. Easy to work with during construction, and naturally resistant to rot and moisture, this timber’s beautiful but subtle aroma is released by the steam.


Western Red Cedar is ideal for the sides and tops of spas because of its excellent resistance to water and chemical damage. We have a wide range of panelling profiles that suit spas. Many spa manufacturers favour our traditional profile because it works so easily around the curves of a spa’s radius. If you are replacing panels on an existing spa, we can supply profiles that replicate most original panels.

Hot Tubs

The interlocking timbers in Western Red Cedar are the best choice for hot tubs. This timber swells slightly when damp, so the tub stays completely watertight. Cedar’s ability to withstand all weather conditions means it is particularly suited to outside hot tubs.

Brilliant for boats

Western Red Cedar is an ideal and traditional choice for building boats, canoes and all watercraft. The dimensional stability of Western Red Cedar ensures the timber will stay straight, lightweight and insulating. It will also give a warmth and subdued quietness to the boat or canoe.

All our square-dressed timber profiles are perfect for boat building. Canoe builders can choose from concave-edged or square-edged profiles.

Shutters and blinds

Western Red Cedar is the best timber for shutters and blinds because of its natural straightness and stability. After supplying the shutter and blind industry for over a decade, we have earned a reputation for products that:

  • look incredibly stylish
  • allow adjustable air flow, light and heat into a room
  • provide great insulation when closed.