Stunning Cedar Cladding Solutions

Cedar Sales cladding solutions in Western Red Cedar are durable, stylish and versatile. Add visual interest and design flair to your building exterior and enjoy the outstanding aesthetic and physical properties that Western Red Cedar cladding has to offer.

The smart choice for Cladding

Cladding in Western Red Cedar is a fantastic way to enhance any building facade. Not only does the natural appeal of the timber add depth and warmth, but the physical properties—notably outstanding thermal protection, stability and acoustic absorption capabilities—make Western Red Cedar cladding solutions from Cedar Sales the smart choice. Cedar Sales timber cladding solutions also have fantastic environmental properties and as a result, have been awarded with the prestigious GreenTagCertTM Certified Platinum Rating – the highest recognition given to any building product in Australia. To learn more about GreenTag, please click here.

Make a statement

Cedar cladding solutions will inflame your imagination and provide fabulous ways to add distinct character and style to any building exterior. Our extensive range of cedar wall cladding offers a wide variety of looks from modern to traditional – all with outstanding environmental properties. We encourage you to browse our range, get inspired and find a solution to suit your project.

Looking for that natural grey/weathered look?

If you’re looking to create a natural, weathered look , but still want dimensional stability and protection against element exposure, consider cedar exterior cladding. Simply coat the timber once, using clear Cutek®, with no additional Colourtones. In time, your chosen Western Red Cedar cladding will fade to a light silver, producing a naturally weathered look, without compromising durability or dimensional stability.

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