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Rusticated Weatherboard

Beautiful country style

Rustic by name, rustic by nature. Cedar Sales Rusticated Weatherboard is an alternative to
Chamferboard that really captures the feel of the country. Made from Western Red Cedar,
Rusticated Timber Weatherboards are ideal for a rural setting. The cladding is also available in the more
economical fingerjoint Western Red Cedar. Rusticated is an historic statement of early heritage seen in the Sydney cottage and Australian homesteads.

Rusticated Weatherboard features

  • Carefully machined to three standard widths
  • 18mm thickness gives excellent stability and insulation
  • Other sizes available if required to match existing buildings
  • Clear grade Western Red Cedar is ecologically sound
  • Profile to be face nailed
  • Can be painted or finished in its own natural golden tones
  • Features effective water shedding

Rusticated Weatherboard is ideal for:

  • Rural settings
  • Traditional buildings - both residential and commercial
  • Multi-story or single level
  • Country-style homes (i.e. those with verandahs, and timber doors and windows)

Environmental Credentials

Details of Certifications including certificates

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RWE 226 x 18 C RWE 226 x 18 C

RWE 176 x 18 C RWE 176 x 18 C

RWE 126 x 18 C RWE 126 x 18 C

Profile Code Cover (mm) Thickness (mm) Max Spans (mm) Order Options
RWE 226 x 18 C 226 18 600 Product Specifications
RWE 176 x 18 C 176 18 600 Product Specifications
RWE 126 x 18 C 126 18 600 Product Specifications


GreenTag (GreenRate Level A Rating) GreenTag (GreenRate Level A Rating) Pre-oiled (penetrating external oil) Pre-oiled (penetrating external oil) Fingerjoint WRC (external) Fingerjoint WRC (external)
GreenTag (LCA Platinum Rating) GreenTag (LCA Platinum Rating) Pre-primed (external undercoat) Pre-primed (external undercoat) STK (select tight knot) STK (select tight knot)
PEFC Certified PEFC Certified Pre-finished (internal coating) Pre-finished (internal coating) Clear anodised aluminium Clear anodised aluminium
FSC Certified FSC Certified Bandsawn Face Bandsawn Face (add BS to code) Black anodised aluminium Black anodised aluminium
Available in Hemlock Available in Hemlock    
* Run To Order † Run to Order, 500 L/M Min. Quantity  

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